Apply for a Bad Credit Loan

Representative example: APR 407.39%. If borrowed $1000 for 62 days, interest $692. Total amount repayable $1692. Interest rates: Maximum nominal APR of $1000: 407.39%. Rates from 278% to 1576% (3 – 12 month repayment)

Loans with No Credit Check?

What Are Bad Credit Loans?

Many people who think they have bad credit are concerned they will not qualify for a loan. Because of this, they look online for a loan that is provided with no credit check. Metropay is an introducer and we work with many lending companies that are regulated by the New Zealand government. We help to arrange bad credit loans for people who submit an application to us. Some of the lending companies who process loans will require a credit check, some will not.

There are many criteria which lenders look at, and whether your credit will be checked depends on the amount you are requesting, where you are employed, how long you have been employed and many other factors. Where some people may not have their credit checked, others will -- it depends on the particular lenders who are interested in funding your loan.

If your main concern is that you would not qualify for a loan because your credit history is not good enough, we recommend that you submit your application anyway. You may find your credit isn't as bad as you believed, and that you actually do qualify. It is free to apply, and it only takes moments to fill out an application, so send us your fund request today.

What are No Credit Check Loans for Beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries receive income other than from employment. Examples: rental income, payments from a will or trust, or governmental benefits. This type of income can be considered in whether to afford a loan to you by a lender company. If you want a loan, but are afraid you won't qualify for one because of bad credit -- you may be wanting a no credit check loan. Can we provide a loan of this type to you?

The primary concern people who are on benefits, and are not employed, have is that they will not qualify for a payday loan. You can still qualify, even if you are unemployed. Submit your loan application for a loan for beneficiaries if you are on benefits and need an emergency loan.

What are "No Credit Check Loans"?

We work with many lenders (we are an introducer of loans) to qualified companies who are registered with the NZ government. Some will request a credit check, some won't, depending on factors such as how much you make, where you work and how much money you are requesting. We cannot guarantee that any particular loan won't have a credit check, but if you are concerned you won't qualify because of bad credit, you can still qualify. People who get payday loans generally have less than perfect credit. It is free to apply and only takes a moment to complete an application, so submit your loan request today.

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