For any small business owner, your office is like a sanctuary. The office is also where your small business can cultivate and grow which is a primary reason why you’ll want to keep your small business looking fresh and updated. And because your office is essentially where your business grows from a seedling just starting out to eventually becoming a fully-bloomed flower, you may soon be ready to repot your organization into a larger, more sustainable space.

If you do move into a bigger office, you will most likely be faced with the task of remodeling to fit the needs of your small business. The thing is, many companies don’t have a large budget to remodel an entire building or start building from scratch which is why the process can be so daunting. Here are five cost-effective office remodeling tips for small business owners to keep in mind.

  1. Keep the original structure. In most cases, you don’t need to tear down the office and build anew. This would require renting a crane from a company like Global Cranes which also means you have to hire a full demotion crew. As you can probably tell, this can start to get very expensive so you may be able to get away with building on the original footprint of the building which can save your business money, time and a lot of headaches.
  2. Don’t go for fancy fixtures or accessories outright. If your office also serves as a storefront or if your business exists in a major commercial center, you want to stay away from fancy building accessories. For instance, you don’t need to add fancy details to the exterior just to stand out to customers and you also don’t always need the biggest and brightest sign either. Staying away from overspending on these elements will allow your business to save a lot of capital. Ideally, you want to keep your business expenses as bare bones as possible – especially if you are working with loan capital or investor capital. You can always add fancy accessories, like furniture or artwork, over time rather than spend too much money on fancy lighting or switch plates.
  3. Skip the cubicles. When it comes to building the interior of your business, setting up cubicles can end up being quite costly. Not only do you have the materials to purchase, but you also have to hire the manpower to install the cubicles as well. So, you may want to think of going with a completely open floor plan which is an option that many thriving businesses employ in their workspaces. There have even been some research studies that are saying an open floor plan is the key to higher productivity.
  4. Keep it raw. There is a good chance that your new office space has hard cement or exposed floors. Carpeting the floors or treating them can be very expensive. So, why not just keep it raw? The same goes for the walls and other elements of your business. Instead of covering pipes, why not let them show? You can easily incorporate these raw elements into the design of your office space and effectively save your company a lot of money.
  5. Add green elements. Adding green or eco-friendly elements can help save your business a lot of money in the long run. So, you may want to think about adding solar panels on the roof – you may also want to think about utilizing more efficient ways to heat and cool your office. In the end, an eco-conscious mindset can also help save your business a lot of capital – you may even get some tax credits, which can cut your costs down even more.

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