When it comes to boosting your presence in your community, having a strong local SEO campaign will really help. In fact, it may be essential to getting people to choose your business versus the competition. If you are wondering how local SEO works so well – just search for a certain service, type of food, or category online. There is a good chance that your IP address is linked to a certain geographic area. After you make your query, you will be presented with a number of results. The highest performing and the most optimized will be at the top. Ideally, that is where you want your business – at the top. Here is how to create a local SEO campaign for your small business.

First, you need to optimize your website. If you are building your site from scratch, you will need to build it with search engine optimization in mind. This means that it needs to be light and not too heavy with scripts. Also, you need to implement keywords and meta information, like the location of your business. In fact, you probably want to include your location in a keyword grouping as well – for instance, “auto supply Topeka” is a strong keyword grouping.

After your site is built and optimized, you want the search engines to know that your business exists. You can start by introducing your business and your website to the search engines by registering. If you don’t take this very simple step, your business will most likely get shuffled to the back of the search engines. Once your site is recognized, the search engine bots will be deployed to make sure your site is real and relevant. This is one of the reasons why optimizing your site to begin with is so important, because you want the bots to crawl your header and sub-header tags to make sure your website is legitimate.

Next, you may want to create a video for your business. A video can be incredibly powerful when it comes to exposure and marketing. But for the sake of a local SEO campaign, it could be even more potent. Video is currently 50% more likely to send your site to top of the search engines, so you may want to think about creating a few short videos that feature your business. You could make it a how-to video, an introductory email or something creative. All you have to do is upload the transcript of the video and the search engines will start ranking your site.

In the end, creating a local SEO campaign can be incredibly effective when it comes to boosting your presence on the web and in your community. If you offer a service, why not make it known on the web by getting your website pushed to the front page. Not only will this increase sales, it will also help you garner a certain corner of the market. In the end, if you want to beat out the competition, a local SEO campaign may be your secret weapon.

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