When you happen to own your own business, one of the top priorities that you have are looking for ways keep your customers so pleased with your product or service that they will come back time and time again. One way that you can make this happen is my implementing some customer loyalty incentives.

If you’d like some ideas on ways that you can insure that people will return to your company on a consistent basis, we’ve got a list of things that will help to make your business successful, especially as it relates to establishing a solid relationship with your customers below:

Offer coupons and promo codes. Something that every individual looks for is a way to save money. That’s why one of the best incentives that you can offer your customers in order to increase customer loyalty are coupons and promo codes. The great thing about both of these options is that they are easy to introduce. You can simply put them both in your company newsletter so that your customers can use print coupons when they physically come to your place of business and promo codes when they choose to shop online.

Implement a points system. One very popular incentive idea that is pretty simply to implement is a points system. Basically what this means is that for every purchase a customer makes, they can earn points that will ultimately add up to some kind of reward. The main thing to keep in mind with this approach is that you’ll need to keep a tight record of the points that are earned because you can be certain that the customers will and therefore will be looking to get their promised prize as a direct result.

Partner up with another company. Another approach that you might want to consider doing is partnering up with another company. For instance, say that you run a bed and breakfast. Well, you might want to reach out to a rental car company or a restaurant within your area. The two of you could work together to provide a nice discount to the customers who decide to use both of your services.

Create a referral program. If you were to ask a company like Loyaltyworks about something that you can do to provide incentives for return customers , one of the things that they might suggest is creating some kind of referral program. It could be something like for every person a customer refers to your business who actually makes a purchase, the original customer would get some kind of prize or a really great discount towards their next purchase. Every customer likes to feel appreciated for bringing more business to places that they patron. A referral program is simply a way of acknowledging their efforts.

Do giveaways. One thing that all of us love are giveaways. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give things to customers who make a suggestion that you end up using or who get the most people to join your newsletter. Giveaways are fun, easy and a surefire way to establish customer loyalty for years to come.

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