More and mores studies are coming out and showing that diversity isn’t just an important facet of a business’ success – it is a vital one. One study goes so far to say that if a business has an anti-diversity stance, it is only bound to fail. The truth is that when people are working together as a team – without a sense of inequality – it creates a stronger community. For a business, this community is the driving force that can take your business from a start up to a thriving enterprise. Here are five benefits of workplace diversity and sensitivity training for small businesses.

  1. It helps connect your business to a wider and more global demographic. The future of workplace diversity involves a globalized sense of community and your business needs to be able to connect with that global community. If you don’t instill tolerance in your workers and create a more balanced work environment, your business will be stuck in the dark ages. This can affect your business in more ways than one – you may be able to hold on for a while, but soon enough, you either have to get with the times or close your business’ doors.
  2. It helps your business connect in today’s economic climate. These days, the economy goes through roller coaster ups and downs. Plus, the economic divide is growing wider, which is leaving people out of jobs. Ultimately, this is creating a workplace environment where you have multiple different types of people working closely together. This environment can also create friction when certain groups interact. For this reason, workplace diversity and sensitivity is crucial – to open people’s mind and perspective – and for the sake of team building.
  3. It helps drive sales and build a bigger customer base. By having a more diverse workplace, you can connect with a more diverse range of customers. This can build your customer base and it can increase sales, which is always important for the health and success of a small business. By having workers that can connect with customers on a more personal level, you can attract many people who would rather do business with your company rather than the competition.
  4. It helps attract the most talented workforce. By having a more open and understanding workplace environment, you can attract people who may be less willing to work with another company that isn’t sensitive to certain people’s backgrounds. Your employees want to feel like they belong in your workplace – like they can thrive there. So, you may want to think about hiring a consulting service, like Diversity Inc. - because they can help your business become a business that people want to work for.
  5. It helps boost productivity and workplace efficiency. A more open and tolerant workforce is a workforce that is more efficient and productive. Without all the chatter, your team members can work together in harmony – not in spite – to accomplish goals and to take your company to the next level. In the end, it is this harmony that will take your business to the top.

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