Diversity. It is a topic that is becoming more and more relevant, both in colleges and in the workforce. That’s because according to various published reports, by 2050, most newborns will not have a distinct race. Also currently, people of color make up as much as 36 percent of the labor force. Plus, there are studies to support the fact that companies that encourage diversity tend to be more productive, which ultimately makes them more profitable too.

So, if you are a business owner who is interested in making your place of business more diverse and you’d like some proven tips on how you can do just that, we have provided you with five ways below:

Treat everyone equally. As an employer, you set the tone for how your office runs. That’s why it’s extremely important that you make sure that all of your staff feels as if they are being treated equally and fairly. In other words, everyone needs to feel that regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity and sexual preference, they are receiving the same level of respect and appreciation for the work that they do.

Have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. Discrimination is not something that should be a part of your work environment. So, make sure this is something that you convey to each staff member from the day you decide to hire them. Also, be sure that this is something that you mention in your employee handbook as well. That way, should a discriminatory issue arise, they cannot say that they were not warned.

Have diversity trainings. Something that you can do in order to stay abreast of ways that you can keep you as well as your staff well-versed on the topic of diversity is if you hold quarterly diversity trainings. In order to find an organization within your area that offers them, go to your favorite search engine and put “diversity training” along with your city and state in the search field.

Hold regular staff meetings. Some of DiversityInc. Best Practices when it comes to encouraging diversity in the workplace includes making sure that business owners hold regular staff meetings with all of the employees that they have. By putting forth a concerted amount of effort to listen to various questions, comments and concerns and also by encouraging your staff to share suggestions on how to make your company more diverse, you will help to establish a strong sense of unity. And that’s always a good thing when it comes to the workplace.

Discourage cliques. One thing that a lot of us were discouraged from becoming a part of while we were in high school is something that we still should stay away from at the office and that’s cliques. So, when you start to notice that some are beginning to form in your office and it’s getting to the point that it’s causing tension and affecting productivity, hold a meeting with those individuals and do your best to dissolve the clique. People need to come to the office each day and be willing to work with everyone in order to get the job done. Make sure that’s clearly conveyed at your place of business. For more information on ways to promote workplace diversity, visit Diversity Inc.

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