When it comes to a small business’ success, there aren’t a lot of resources that it can utilize. Most of the time, small businesses have a cash-strapped budget, which means that it can’t buy its way to success through expensive marketing and advertising campaigns. All a business really has is its team of core workers. Teamwork in a business- any business – is critical. People working together for a common goal can only lead to good things. For a small business, you want to make that goal success, but also better teamwork performance. However, on your road to success, it is important to take measures to stoke your team’s motivation, so that your business never loses steam. Here are five ways to improve teamwork for your small business.

  1. Make sure everyone has a task and a role clearly delineated. This is a simple and obvious way to improve teamwork, but oftentimes a business doesn’t clearly outline specific roles and performance suffers as a result. These roles are important for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons why delineating roles is important is because it allows managers to place certain tasks with individual strengths. In fact, managers can use an application called TeamTelligent to help identify these strengths.
  2. Make sure that you give back to your team. Bonuses and incentives are a great way to give back to your team and to let them know that they are doing a great job. These bonuses can be financial, but they can also come in other forms too, like stock options and even a paid day off. Of course, you should work within the means of your business’ capital, but you will notice that the more you give back to your employees, the more they will give to your business.
  3. Make sure to recognize your team’s success. Another way to boost teamwork efficiency and performance is to recognize a job well done. This isn’t so much incentivizing as it is providing a reason to celebrate and thusly boosting morale. You can create recognition through awards programs, employee of the month programs or even a weekend barbecue. Creating a culture where employees are recognized for their hard work can create a culture of success and higher sales numbers.
  4. Make sure that you elect a team leader. Having a team leader is critical, because you need a strong person to be able to direct your team. Having a manager is one thing, but you want to make sure the team leader is someone inside of the team. It also doesn’t need to be the same every week. In fact, change is good. Having someone driving projects on the sales floor level can make sure projects get done and that morale stays high.
  5. Make sure there are very clearly outlined goals and deadlines. While you don’t want to create an environment of too much stress – you do want to make sure your team knows that they have to get projects done within a certain time frame. Without having clearly outlined goals, your team’s productivity will undoubtedly suffer.

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