Last year alone, businesses and the US economy lost a shocking $140 billion dollars as a result of work place injuries and lost quality of life. Workplace safety is not only a matter of keeping a business and its workers safe – it is also a matter of national economic interest. Keeping our workers safe and sound from the perils of the job should not only be the responsibility of the employer, but also the workers. Safety is a collaborative effort. Even jobs that require sitting at a desk can be dangerous, especially if the employee doesn’t get enough physical fitness or doesn’t have a well-balanced diet. How much are we going to stand to lose next year? – And the year after that? Here are five ways to improve workplace safety training for your business.

  1. Place signs around your business warning against dangers and risks. Some of these dangers and risks include items that can fall and injure employees, chemicals that are corrosive and acidic, and even machinery that can mangle hands and limbs. Placing signs around your workplace will ensure that employees are constantly aware of the dangers, which will effectively reduce injuries.
  2. Implement safety training courses. For instance, Occupation Safety Training Systems has some great safety training courses that can prepare employees for whatever dangers may be lurking in the workplace. The truth is, though, that most of these dangers are in plain sight. For instance, any job that requires the operation of extremely dangerous machinery should implement one of these training courses and it should be mandatory for new employees. Many injuries – and even deaths – in the workforce have been caused by employees that weren’t aware of the plethora of dangers that can be found in the workplace.
  3. Make sure that employees know CPR. There are many tenets to CPR training – from knowing how to resuscitate to having the right tools to stop excessive bleeding. Any business – no matter how big or small – should require CPR training. What happens if an employee stops breathing or goes into shock? Would your other employees know what to do? What happens if an employee suffers a serious injury – would your other employees know how to create a tourniquet? This is the reason why CPR is so important – it could actually save lives.
  4. Put into practice a fitness program. What your employees eat and how they live their lives will not only affect their performance at work, but also their health. Many businesses have lost millions of dollars in healthcare costs treating employees with diabetes or heart conditions. If you want to help make your employees healthier, having an active fitness program may be extremely beneficial.
  5. Create a culture of awareness. Another great way to improve workplace safety is to create a culture where employees are always on their toes. So, you want to hold lectures, have guest speakers, and provide an incentive program for employees to stay healthier and safer on the job. In the end, it isn’t just your worker’s lives on the line, but your business’ life as well.

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