Your business’ Internet connection speed is incredibly important. If your connection isn’t lighting fast, it will be hard to compete in whatever industry you may be in. These days, it is all about speed. So, if your Internet connection speed is dull or is slower than you’d like it to be, you need to take a few measures to make it faster and more reliable. When it comes down to it, your Internet connection speed connect could be strong, but if it keeps going offline, you will definitely need to do something about it. Here are five ways to maximize Internet connection speed for your business.

  1. Place your router in the right place – away from obstructions. When it comes down to it, your router is one of the most important factors of your Internet speed and connection. So, you want to make sure that your router is in a place where it can efficiently spread your Internet connection. If your router is in a basement with lots of obstructions, there is a good chance that your Internet speed won’t be as fast. So, make sure to put your router somewhere central and in a wide open space.
  2. Add a high-gain antenna to your router. Most routers come with the typical antenna, which can have average power when it comes to increasing the speed of the Internet. However, you could easily install a high-gain antenna, which captures more of the signal and strengthens the connectivity. This can also make your Internet speed up to 15% faster. You can usually find a high-gain antenna online, or at an electronics shop near you. Make sure, though, that you get a versatile antenna – one that allows you to control the direction.
  3. Install an antenna alignment tool. After you have a stronger antenna, you want to make sure to increase its ability to capture the best signal by installing an alignment tool. For instance, Sunsight Instruments makes alignment tools that can boost the WIFI signal, so that the antenna does a better job of capturing the signal. When it comes down to it, this is one of the best ways to strengthen your signal and to make your Internet speed much faster.
  4. Get an upgrade for your router’s firmware. If you are noticing that your router is the culprit for slower Internet speeds, you may want to see if your router’s software needs an upgrade. This could be what is slowing down your entire system. What happens is that your router becomes bogged down by a slower, older technology, which can ultimately slow down your connection speed.
  5. Make sure that your system is connected correctly. This could be the simplest fix by far and the most obvious. However, many business’ don’t take the time to make sure everything is connected and that all routers are plugged in properly. It could be that a wireless repeater or a router has not been plugged into the right port. In the end, you should probably take this step first and then troubleshoot from there.

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