When you’re someone who runs your own business, a big part of what keeps it successful is hiring competent, courteous and committed employees. That’s why, when it comes to the hiring process, you should do all that you can to choose the absolute best staff members.

So, as you’re going through resumes in order to schedule interviews with some qualified candidates, we wanted to take out a moment to offer you a list of some of the most common hiring mistakes that businesses tend to make, along with ways that you can avoid them below:

Not going with a recruitment service. Hands down, one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not going with a recruitment service. That’s because they are highly-skilled in being able to find the perfect employees for you. That way, you can focus on working instead of going through all that comes with the hiring process.

Being a poor interviewer. The kind of interview that you conduct plays a huge role in the kind of person you end up hiring to work for your company. So, make sure that you thoroughly review all resumes, that you check prospective employees’ social media accounts (to make sure that they represent themselves well online) and if you’d like to review a list of great interview questions to ask, visit Inc. and put “7 interview questions” in the search field.

Putting people in positions based on seniority rather than actual qualifications. If someone has been working for you for years, that is an indication that they are loyal and committed; not necessarily that they are the best candidate for a promotion. Say for instance that you’re needing a manager. Rather than selecting someone based on seniority, think instead about the specific traits and skills that a person will need for the job and choosing someone based on that list. If you end up hiring someone in house, that’s great. But if that means needing to post the position on a job search engine, that’s OK too. It’s all about getting the best person for the job, after all.

Not doing background checks. A huge “no-no” is to hire someone without doing background checks (or a drug test, for that matter). These are what let you know if someone has a criminal history, a poor driving record and in some cases, even if they have bad credit (because someone’s credit report can sometimes reveal how responsible, or irresponsible, they are). You don’t want to wait until after hiring them to find this kind of information out so perform a thorough background check before officially offering anyone a position.

Doing a favor for someone. Say that you run an event marketing company like EventNextHR , you’re looking to hire a marketing director and you personally know an individual who is in a financial bind. You might be tempted to hire them for the job just based on that, but it’s important to do so only if they are fully qualified. Otherwise, you could end up regretting your decision. In other words, hire someone because they are great for the job, not because of your personal relationship with them. That will help you to make a hiring decision that will ultimately be best for you, as well as your business.

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