While some people feel perfectly comfortable settling into the couch with a laptop and getting some work done from home, you may need a setup that is a bit more comprehensive if you’re going to complete the same tasks at home as you do at your regular office. And this may require you to create a dedicated home office space, complete with a desk and chair, a seating area for clients, and plenty of storage for files, supplies, and whatever else you might need. This can be especially important if you’ve decided to strike out on your own and start a small business that you run from your home. You want a space that is professional and conducive to productivity. In the process, however, you’ll probably find that there are several different options available to you in the way of useful supplies and equipment to flesh out your home office. Here are just a few must-haves that the average home office can’t do without.

When it comes to office supplies, you may need all manner of small items. But then again, you might not. You really need to temper your urge to buy everything you might possibly need in favor of the items you’re sure to use a lot. For example, pens and Post It notes probably get a lot of use whether you’re working from your company HQ or operating out of your house. A letter opener, on the other hand, is nice to have around, but does not necessarily qualify as essential. Paper and envelopes, though, are almost certainly going to be necessary in the course of your home office operation. As you can see, you’ll have to pick and choose when it comes to must-haves. A few things you should definitely add to your list, however, are paper joiners (stapler and staples, paper clips, tacks, and/or tape, just for example), writing implements, and regular fare like scissors, erasers, a hole-punch, and file folders, just to name a few items that you’re sure to find use for.

Of course, you’ll also need plenty of organizational tools to ensure that your work space remains clutter-free. This can start with desktop and drawer organizers meant to compartmentalize all of the pens and paper clips mentioned above. From there you’ll certainly want stackable letter trays for the projects you’re currently working on, as well as a filing cabinet for documents associated with the projects you’ve completed or files related to long-term clients. And it couldn’t hurt to turn to erect a metal board and head to CMS magnetics for magnetic pins meant to move your clutter of notes into vertical space where they can more easily be arranged.

But you’re not done yet; there are also a few pieces of equipment you’ll need to make your office space eminently functional. A computer and printer are essential, although you might want to make the latter a 3-in-1 combo that also copies and scans. And don’t forget about a speedy and reliable internet connection, as well as a wireless router that lets you take your devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) all over the house wire-free. You should also think about securing ergonomic solutions (chair, keyboard) that will help to correct your posture and stave off the aches, pains, and injuries that can result from contorting your body to work at a desk all day. With these supplies and equipment in place, you should have no trouble staying on task when you opt to use your home office.

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