Thanks to modern technology, more and more professionals are working out of virtual offices. This can be structured in all sorts of ways, but the basic idea is the same. No longer are you tied down to a nine-to-five schedule and a grueling commute. Instead, the world is your office. All you need is a laptop, a smartphone and a solid broadband internet connection and you can achieve anything that you previously attempted in an office. It’s a great option for your schedule, your stress and your time with family, but did you know it also makes your business much more environmentally sustainable? Resources are at a premium today, and consumers are voting with their wallets and supporting companies that satisfy their conscience. A green company will gain fans and increase revenue, two musts in this overcrowded marketplace. Here’s how a virtual office can help your business go green.

First of all, your business will conserve all sorts of natural resources you would have burned through travel. As a virtual office worker, you’ll cut way down on your car, train, bus and plane usage, vastly reducing your carbon footprint. Think about all of those community hours you’re dropping off your schedule. That saves you the frustration of traffic, but also saves the burning of all of those fossil fuels it took to get you back and forth from the office five times a week. Most virtual office workers also trim their business trips way down. Why get on a plane when you can use Skype to videoconference with people regardless of where they are in the world?

If you allow your employees to work out of virtual offices, you’re also helping to support a new type of employee, one that will become crucial in the years ahead. Today is a truly international business world, with most of the traditional boundaries becoming obsolete thanks to the internet. These days, you don’t have to live within driving distance from the corporation’s headquarters in order to be employed. You can bring talented professionals to work for your company no matter where they are in the world, which will buffer previously impoverished regions. You’ll also gain more productivity out of your staff, because they will only be paid for the work they do, as opposed to being paid for ‘face time’, hanging around the water cooler. That means less wasted company resources as well.

By encouraging virtual office workers, you’ll also automatically make your physical office much greener. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to find out that most large offices waste an awful lot of space. There’s very little reason to keep the one desk per each employee ratio going. People work all sorts of hours, and most forward thinking office managers are now looking for ways to join teams of employees around shared spaces. Every employee that you send out into a virtual office is one less desk you need to maintain. That means cutting down on electricity, heat and air conditioning charges, and even possibly moving to a smaller office space. If you’re used to renting office space in New York, you know how wasteful and expensive those extra square feet can be.

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