SEO isn’t just incredibly valuable for your small business…it might be all your small business has to survive if you have a shoestring budget for marketing and advertising. A small business is already susceptible to failure in the fickle and fluctuating winds of the economy and a competitive market place. If you want to rise to the top, literally, you have to make it to the very first pages of the major search engines. If you think about it, there are billions of websites out there and many of them are selling the same product. If you can’t rise to the top you risk blending in and possibly fading away forever. So, how crucial is SEO for your small business?

First, by simply adding a blog to your small business’ website you can increase traffic by up to 2000%. Yes, you read that right, 2000%. This shocking statistic should open up any small business owner’s eyes to the incredible benefits that a strong SEO campaign can have. What does a 2000% increase in traffic mean? It means an increase in sales conversions and revenue by up to 60%. And this is just by adding a blog to your site and filling it with keywords. Imagine what else you can do.

Another statistic says that up to 80% of users ignore paid advertisements. This means you could be wasting thousands of dollars a month on PPC or across the board big banner advertising. For a small business trying to protect their bottom line, why not put those thousands of dollars into a paid SEO campaign with organic links, which can bring you a much, much larger return in sales? You can find SEO in Melbourne or virtually any other city in the world, and no matter what you’ll make a much larger return than the old fashion way of banner advertising.

Moreover, why pay for sponsored search results when you can get to the top with organic links? In another study, 80% of people searching online will click organic links versus sponsored links. Essentially, a successful search engine optimization campaign that includes lots of backlinks will get your business real and trusted clicks, which can turn into massive sales conversions, especially if you reach the top of the first or second page. Moreover, many businesses underestimate the power of image search engines. Many of these same campaigns should be applied to the images on your small business’ website as well.

At the end of the day, SEO is more than valuable to your business – it is vital. Another eye popping statistic says that SEO is 300% more successful than social media in driving traffic to your website and increasing sales conversions. Essentially, SEO is more valuable than social media, which everybody has been claiming is the number one most important way to drive traffic. Yet, social networking only stands as a distant second to SEO. So, when someone asks if you would like to know more about an SEO campaign, you should probably listen to what they have to say.

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