There are two places where we all tend to spend the majority of our time: our homes and our places of business. And while there is a lot of information that’s readily available on the steps that can be taken in order to make our homes more eco-friendly, there tends to be only a fraction of those that address how we all can reduce our carbon footprints at the office.

If you’ve been looking for a few ideas on this very topic, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have five ways that you, along with your staff, can minimize the impact that emissions have at your place of business below:

Have recycling bins. One of the first things that you should do to make your office “greener” is to install recycling bins for paper, plastic and even unwanted food (so that it can be turned into compost). Something as simple as this can help to keep some of our most valuable resources from being wasted.

Clean with “green” supplies. All offices need to be cleaned on a daily basis, but many of the more popular cleaning products tend to be filled with lots of toxic chemicals. Instead, opt for using either some eco-friendly cleaning products (like the ones that you can find on and or to make some of your own. and are two websites that have plenty of recipes. Just go to the sites and put “homemade cleaning products” in the search engine.

Hold teleconference meetings. Thanks to the progressions of technology, you don’t always have to get into your car or hop aboard a plane to have meetings with your clients or other companies. Now, it’s as simple as holding a video conference through platforms such as Skype or

Make work schedules a bit more flexible. According to many environmental data resources, another great way to reduce the carbon footprint at your place of business is by being a bit more flexible when it comes to how your staff works at the office. For instance, you can save on electricity while your co-workers can save on fuel if you have a day a week where they can work from home or if you encourage a couple of days a week when they can work half-days at the office and half-days at the house. Another thing to consider is offering some kind of incentive for those who are willing to carpool, ride their bikes or take some form of public transportation into work. When it comes to keeping the air that we breathe clean, every little bit helps.

Support other “green” people. It’s one thing to institute practices within your place of business that encourages an eco-friendly atmosphere, but why not take it a step further by making a commitment to only outsource green suppliers too? Thankfully, there are companies of virtually every kind of marketplace that specialize in doing things the “green” way. So, when it comes to office supplies, electronic equipment and any other needs that you might have, go the extra mile to find eco-friendly companies. It’s a responsible and beneficial “green” thing to do.

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