Everyone knows that getting your MBA can put you leagues beyond other candidates in the job market. Those with their MBA get better and higher paying positions compared to other hopefuls in what is now considered a tepid economy. The other benefits of having your MBA include more diversity in a number of different professional sectors and even the flexibility of starting your own business. In general, you must go to business school to get your MBA, but luckily, now most business schools accept test results from both the GRE and the GMAT. Yet, it can be confusing to know which test is better to take and what will give you a better chance of being accepted. So, should you take the GRE or GMAT?

For one, the GRE is usually a little bit less intense than the GMAT. The structure of the GRE is set up as follows: a timed 75 minute analytics section with one essay, two 30 minute verbal sessions, two 30 minute long quantitative sections and a 30 minute abstract session having to do with language and math. The GMAT: a 30-minute analytic session with one essay, a 30 minute reasoning session, a 75-minute quantitative section and a 75-minute verbal section. If you weigh your options you can decide how much your sanity is worth and if you are willing to undergo the challenge, which both are.

However, the GRE is usually less expensive than the GMAT, but that is because more schools will accept scores from the GMAT more than the GRE. While a lot of business schools accept the GRE, there are still a number of schools that don’t. To give your self more options it might be wise to cough up the cash to take the GMAT, which is about $250 compared to the GRE, which is $150.

Also, the GRE has more of a focus on vocabulary and is better for individuals with a higher reading comprehension. While the GMAT has an extensive vocabulary section, it is still not at comprehensive as the GRE. However, the GMAT has a bigger section for things like algebra, statistics, probability and number theory, which makes it better for individuals who think more quantitatively. If you are a natural writer, the GRE might be for you. If you are excellent at math, the GMAT might be best suited for you.

Lastly, people who have taken both tests say that the GRE, despite its intensity, is actually more of an agreeable test to take, opposed to the GMAT, which can get a little too heavy on the math. Yet, the GMAT test scores are still more widely accepted by business schools and many acceptance officers say that individuals should find test prep tutors to help them study. Regardless, both the GMAT and GRE will take an extensive amount of studying and many all-nighters, but the life long benefits of completing the test, passing, going to business school and getting a high paying career should be worth it in the long run.

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