The numbers are in and the results are astounding: there are over 100 million smartphone users in the United States alone. For small businesses this opens an incredible opportunity to market their product or service to millions of possible new customers. The benefits of focusing your small business’ marketing initiatives on mobile devices are many. However, mobile marketing is a brand new frontier and people are still experimenting with different methods, but the results have all been more than positive. Many people predict that with the rising ownership of smartphones and social media, mobile marketing will become even more effective for small businesses. Another benefit of mobile marketing is that it is extremely cost effective compared to traditional forms of marketing. Here are some mobile marketing tips for small business owners.

  1. One of the most important things a small business can do is reformat their site to make it compatible on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablet. Statistics say that in the next two years more people will view websites on mobile devices, than on traditional desktops. This can be done easily by building your website on a specific platform that will give you the option of having a mobile and desktop version of your website. When people visit your website on a mobile device they will be directed to a prompt that will allow them to view your website traditionally or for their specific device.
  2. QR codes are also a great way to get people to visit your website on a mobile device. QR codes are a small square that looks almost like a bar code that people can scan with their mobile devices and will automatically direct them to your website. You can place QR codes on marketing material, like advertisements and postcards. By strategically placing QR codes, you will see a drastic increase in traffic to your website and an increase in revenue.
  3. SMS text marketing initiatives are another great way for businesses to market on mobile devices. You can encourage people to enter their cell phone numbers in your website and whenever you have a promo or a sale you can blast out that information via text. This is a great way for small businesses to reach out to potential customers with the opportunity for direct exposure.
  4. You can also create an application for your business that offers some kind of service or assistance. For many people, their smartphones and tablets are becoming like all-in-one Swiss Army knives, which can solve any problem that might come up during any given day. Essentially, our mobile devices are becoming the only tool we need. And much like renters insurance from Protect Your Bubble, people can also have their mobile devices insure, which should give you an idea of how truly important they are becoming in our lives. It is recommended that your business create an app that is useful and fun.
  5. Small businesses can also benefit by adding the ability for customers to easily add your company’s location on social networks just by walking through your doors. Many of these platforms can be configured so that people can be asked whether or not they want to add their location to their social networking profile. This kind of location based tracking information can increase revue multiple times over by expanding exposure to a wide array of people who visit social networks each day.

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