Technology is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. For the business sector, this can be both good and bad news. Good news, because people in the work force will be allowed the unique benefit of newer and better tools to more sufficiently complete their jobs, with shorter lead-times; and bad news because this can mean updating computers, servers, software and operating platforms every 6 months or so, especially for businesses with a heavier reliance on computers. However, the pros far outweigh the cons, because it can mean more productivity and higher profit margins. Here are 5 benefits of updating your office technology.

  1. Updating your office technology will allow your business to keep up with other businesses in your sector. This doesn’t mean you need the newest, shiniest computers, but it does mean that your operating system should be up to date so that your business is running at the same speed as other businesses, or faster. Many times a simple upgrade is necessary, but it can also mean switching to a new program or platform. Many of these platforms are very easy for employees to learn and training is minimal.
  2. Also, not upgrading to new technology can slow down productivity. For instance, if your computers are on an old operating system or the computers themselves are older models, it can slow down work productivity by up to 30% to 40%. This can be an enormous margin when it comes to your business’ bottom line. Sometimes it is best to bite the bullet and upgrade your system so that your employees can do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
  3. One of the biggest benefit of upgrading you office technology is that you can you get rid of a lot of excess machines and make much better use of the available space. For instance, fax machines are bulky and obsolete. You can easily switch to a digital fax platform, like, which can also cut down the time employees are walking to the fax machine, dialing the number and waiting for the fax to go through.
  4. Upgrading office technology can also save you money by cutting down on unnecessary tasks for employees to complete, which can increase overtime. Many new computers and programs can open up the opportunity for only one employee to complete a complicated task, where before it took two, three or even more employees. In these tough financial times, sometimes it is necessary to cut costs wherever you can. Upgrading your technology can do this by streamlining production so that you can increase profit and make your company run more efficiently.
  5. You can also save money on your next utility bill by upgrading your office technology. Many of the old computers and equipment in your office might not be entirely energy efficient. Many of the new computers have gone through rigorous tests to test their efficiency. This is great way to both update your office technology and shrink your carbon footprint, because saving the environment and your bottom line should both be important priorities for a business of any size.

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