For many small businesses, the data they have stored is worth as much as the money they have in the bank. In the old days you could back up with an external hard drive, floppy disc, flash drive and CD, but more often than not, these methods were ineffective. With the ever-increasing amount of data we need to store, it is gradually becoming more and more important to store our information off-site. Here are some of the benefits of remote backup for small businesses.

  1. Storing your data remotely offers better security. When you store your data on computers, CDs and hard drives it is more susceptible to cyber theft. Also, what happens if you lose that CD or flash drive full of your business’ financial documents, like credit card or even employee social security numbers? Off site data storage facilities have powerful security and encryption software so that hackers can’t reach your valuable information.
  2. Offsite backup is also really easy to use. If your small business loses any of its information it can always visit their back up remotely with user-friendly interfaces that make it simple and convenient to navigate, and retrieve your data.
  3. Remote storage will also offer automatic backup of your servers. That means that your business never has to worry about initiating the backup process or losing information. Often times these backups with are done at night after office hours. With many remote data storage facilities you can schedule your backups by content so that you don’t risk overloading the system. For instance, you can have your financial documents backed up every day and your photos once a week.
  4. Also, remote back up will store your information in multiple locations to protect against a possible disaster, whether natural or otherwise. The benefit of this is that you never have to worry about losing your data, even if one of the server facilities gets struck by lighting or loses power – your data is always safe.
  5. Another big benefit is that it frees up that space so you never have to worry about losing data, because running your business is far more important. Being able to sleep at night knowing that all your documents are safe from hackers and a possible disaster will allow you to run your business more efficiently, which, in and of itself, can have its own amazing benefits.

In the end, offside back up is crucial for any small business that wants to secure their information, in case the worse happens. For many small businesses, the data they store is crucial to the survival of many companies. The loss of a hard drive or a CD with valuable information can mean huge losses. Storing your data remotely offers the benefit of automatic backups, better security, ease of use, and a better night’s sleep knowing that internet pirates aren’t stealing your business’ vital financial documents. For most small business’, much of this information is their lifeblood and anything that could possibly destroy the company’s data could be devastating.

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