Business travel can be a real headache. Between booking the travel, preparing for the trip, packing, going to the airport and all the meetings when you get to your destination, you might be asking if it was all worth it in the first place. For most businesses, travel is an essential part of the success of the company. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be an end to how stressful it can be. Luckily, for business travelers, there are a number of things to take into consideration to make your business trip fun and stress free. Here are the top 5 tips for beating the stress of business travel.

  1. Be nice and courteous. Sometimes having a positive attitude is all you need to lower the stress on your next business trip. For instance, a little smile at the check in gate at the airport might get you a seat upgrade and, possibly, better service on the plane. You can also flash your smile at the hotel for a better room. Studies have that people with a brighter smile and a positive demeanor will give them extra perks, which can be extremely beneficial when you are traveling for business and need all the perks you can get just to stay sane.
  2. Travel as light as possible. Always bring a carry on and never check any luggage in. The amount of time and money you will save will be enormous, but it will greatly reduce your stress as well. One way to pack light is to really evaluate what you need to bring so that you don’t over pack. Many people will usually throw unnecessary items into their luggage without even thinking about it.
  3. Be as productive as possible while you travel. Most business travelers are on the road for up to 40 weeks of the year. There is a lot of work you can get done while you are in the air or on the road. Many airplanes have wireless Internet so that you can do your business much the same way you would at your desk in your office.
  4. Also, make time for you on your business trip. Traveling in Africa? Research or look up online the best African Safari and take a trip on one of your days off. If you spend your life traveling for work, why not have some rewarding, real life experiences at the same time. Chances are, you can find some amazing adventures pretty much anywhere you go.
  5. Another great way to limit the stress of business travel is to save as much money as possible so that the difference of the expenses incurred will go into your next paycheck. While you are already getting paid to travel, why not give yourself a little bonus. There are lots of great ways to save money, from choosing all inclusive travel packages, taking budget airlines and not spending a fortune on client dinners. In most cases, a frugal traveler can be a stress free traveler.

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