In today’s world the idea of security has evolved significantly. The online predator is often more dangerous than the prowler on the corner, and billions of dollars are spent to protect information, not people. Yet you will still see thousands of businesses both large and small employing security guards. Traditional theft will always be a reality, and a digital security system can only do so much to deter it. A computer may be powerful, but it will never react as a live security guard will. Of course, not every business needs that person. So should you hire a security guard for your business?

A security guard in person at your business provides some significant peace of mind. This is probably not necessary in the country, or in some sparsely populated suburb. But in an urban environment that calming presence is crucial. During business hours your doors are open, and there needs to be someone there to show that management is paying attention. Imagine a bustling office building without a front desk employee? If your office is inside an area that often experiences crime, or if you have expensive products on the premises this security guard is crucial.

A security guard is just as much about customer service as he is about protecting the employees. Their presence calms visitors, and shows them that you are diligent about the safety of all who step through the doors. Today’s security guard may be burly and imposing, but he is also expected to be knowledgeable about the business he represents. You can expect him to interact with your clients and visitors, to help them find the person or office they are looking for, and to greet people on their way in and out. At night, your security guard can help individuals through the parking lot to their car, and can communicate with the authorities in their own language if they see signs of a prowler.

You never expect crime to hit your office, but it is a reality. And security guards are trained to handle these situations. You must hire the proper person, but many security guards used to be part of the police department or the military. In most cases they left the service not because of incompetence, but because they desired less risk or more normal hours. But when push comes to shove, they will know what to do. Depending on your needs you can have armed or unarmed security guards, and they will be well-versed in the legal protocols of dealing with outsiders.

A security guard can also help you monitor the building. If you work in a large complex this is crucial. You have to protect the information and data your business stores, which in many instances is the most expensive resource you have. Your security guard can provide credentials and monitor identification. Perhaps they would handle video monitoring of the grounds, and protect the building after hours. A security guard could be the eyes and ears of ownership, whether they are there or not. And that’s quite the valuable resource.

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