It’s no secret that an online strategy is crucial for any business, in branding and marketing certainly, but for sales and customer retention as well. While not every company sells their products and services online there isn’t an industry out there that doesn’t draw at least some percentage of its customers through internet visibility. You’ve got to be where the people are, and in today’s day and age that’s on the world wide web. But the way people use the internet has changed significantly over the past decade. One of the largest trends is a movement towards mobile computing. Tablets and smartphones are swiftly replacing the laptop as the go-to device for business, as it allows people to perform literally thousands of complex tasks from wherever they may be in the world. Yet that creates a new demand for business that requires the development of a mobile website. This is a far different beast than your traditional site, even though they serve the same purpose. Here are five benefits of having a mobile website for your business.

First of all, a mobile website gives you the maximum market for your company’s services. There is a large percentage of the population that only access the internet through mobile devices. They want to be served on those platforms, and traditional websites with their awkward interfaces and slow load times just won’t cut it. If you have a website that’s optimized for mobile platforms you will win over the customers that refuse to deal with any other sort of site. And that’s literally millions of people these days.

A mobile website also gives you another branding and promotional tool. When you launch a mobile website it’s a pretty big deal. You get to put out a press release, highlighting the unique features of your mobile site and discussing how this pairs with your current offerings to best serve the customer. Mobile sites are quite visual, and your brand will be front and center. You’ll capture the attention of your industry’s experts, who will review the new release and either praise it or damn it (depending on the job you did), and hopefully capture more customers as well.

A mobile website can easily be integrated with an app, and people love their apps. How have iOS and Android smartphones totally destroyed the competition from Blackberry and the other more established brands? They created app stores and filled them with free or very inexpensive programs. Apps are a booming business these days. There are hundreds of thousands of apps for each operating system, and they boast tens of millions of downloads. Your mobile website isn’t just formatted for a smaller screen, it’s perfectly structured to become part of an app. Offer that for free and people will take advantage, even turning away from other brands they have used in the past.

Depending on your business, that new mobile website could open up partnerships with hardware providers. You’ve probably seen Amazon and Apple do this to huge benefit, for the software they release, the products they sell and the hardware manufacturers that make everything work. If you can create a mobile website that brings value and satisfies the needs of a previously ignored niche, you might find reasons to pitch a manufacturer on a larger partnership. And that can bring some serious resources into play.

Finally, your mobile website is much easier to change than your traditional one. Most go through beta testing, and then constantly release updates and bug fixes. You can try out new advertising campaigns or even redesign pages with ease in the mobile environment. Once the structure is in place, there’s no end to the ways you can customize it.

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