These days, a job is a really great thing to have. The economy really hasn’t been in the best shape ever over the course of the last several years, and things have gotten scaled back in a variety of ways, as a result. Employers are cutting jobs and hiring had slowed down in a pretty big way. Things are tough all over, and job seekers have it especially rough right now. If you have a job, you’re probably doing everything in your power to keep it. There are a lot of things that might come with your career, and sometimes relocation is one of them. It’s not exactly easy for anybody to pack up their belongings and move to another place, so a lot of times your employer will do a few things to help you out and make the move a bit easier. When this is the case, there are a few things that you can negotiate to make sure you have an easy time moving.

1. Coverage of Moving Costs. A lot of companies have relocation policies that will cover the costs of moving your things, especially if the distance is going to be pretty significant. You can make sure that you negotiate something like this so that you’re able to have all the costs of your move covered. Make sure you’re able to get your employer to pay for things like your moving trucks, as well.

2. Temporary Housing. Many times, it’s tough to find a permanent place as soon as you arrive in your new area. There are a lot of instances where an individual will need to have something of a temporary living situation in place before he or she is able to find a way to settle down a little bit more permanently. See if you can get your employer to pay for your temporary housing so that you can have an easier time coming up with the money for your permanent place.

3. Relocation Bonus. You can definitely see about getting a bonus for the troubles that will inevitably come along with moving your whole life to another location. If your company really wants you to work in a new area, they might very well be willing to sweeten the deal by offering you something in the way of a nice bonus.

4. Pay Increase. A pay raise is another great thing to talk with your bosses about when they’re asking you to move to a new location for your job. It’s smart to make sure that you can be able to account for any difference in the cost of living when you move to a new area.

5. Paid Site Visit. Even the nicest Tanglewood real estate should be thoroughly looked over before someone moves in. See if you can get your employer to pay for you to visit your potential job site so that you can make sure you’ll enjoy yourself there. Nobody wants to arrive in a new location to find an unpleasant surprise.

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