Shopping for a business laptop is a difficult experience. There are numerous laptops on the market, all boasting superior performance and all hosting different particular features. Most laptops are designed to suit a variety of customer needs, but today’s active business workers have a unique set of needs that not every computer can satisfy. You want a laptop that will offer the best computing experience no matter where you go, so that the office is always with you. Be sure to look for these 5 must-have features for a business laptop.

  1. Anti-Glare Screen
    Many laptop screens on the market today are outfitted with a high gloss finish that offers a beautiful display in indoor environments, but suffers in sunlight. Computing in very bright settings can be difficult because of the glare caused by these screens. Look for a laptop that features an anti-glare screen for comfortable computing that won’t strain your eyes in any light. These screens have a matte finish that reduces glare without degrading image quality, giving you the best display wherever you go.
  2. Light Weight
    Whether you’re taking the train across town, jumping in and out of cars or taxis all day long, or going on extended trips overseas, your business laptop will be constantly at your side. A little extra weight becomes extremely noticeable when you’re lugging it around all day long, so look for the most compact and lightweight laptop that suits your needs. The Macbook Air series and Windows equipped Ultrabooks are the most compact laptops in the world–most are well under 3 pounds.
  3. Battery Life
    Nothing is more frustrating than a laptop battery that won’t hold its charge long enough to be useful. If you’re spending lots of time on the road, or taking long international flights, you need to know that your laptop will stay alive for several hours. Read consumer reports for the most accurate information on laptop battery life, and look for laptops that allow you the option of easily changing out the battery for extra long life.
  4. Extra USB Ports
    Many of the laptop computers most suited for business travelers are very compact and lightweight, but they lack some of the utilities of more stationary computers. Things like optical disc drives and large hard drives are often sacrificed to reduce weight, and even if you have what you need built in, you’ll need USB ports to connect utilities externally if you need them. Look for a laptop that has at least 3 USB ports to make sure that you have the ability to connect all the utilities you need.
  5. Bluetooth Connectivity
    Connectivity options are endlessly important for business-oriented laptops. WiFi capability is now standard for all laptops, and while you may not need something as advanced as an SFP-10G-SR transceiver, Bluetooth connectivity is a must-have feature. This will allow you to connect directly with other computers and devices without any tangled cables or complex networking needs. Make sure to set yourself up for success by finding the perfect business laptop with all the features that will suit your unique needs.

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