When you run a large corporation, events are merely one part of the landscape, as expected as trade shows, meetings with clients, and the formation of partnerships that are mutually beneficial and move the company into the future. However, part of hosting a shindig for partners, clients, the press, the public, or even just for employees is providing entertainment. And the options you choose must show that your company is financially stable, that you know what’s appropriate, and that the management thrives on innovation…no pressure. So if you’re searching for entertainment options for an upcoming corporate function and you don’t want the same old local cover band that you hire every year, here are a few event entertainers you might want to consider.

  1. A-list band. Why hire a cover band when you can get the real deal? Which do you think your clients and partners will find more impressive? The thing is, a responsible corporate entity strives to strike a balance between making a good impression and sticking to a reasonable budget. So you might not spring for this level (and expense) of entertainment if you’re just hosting a holiday party for employees, for example, or if you’re catering to the press. But if you want other business interests to know that your company is doing well and that they can expect more of the same, then finding a notable band with some A-list cred is definitely an option. Plus, music is a great way to get the place hopping, encourage social interaction, and ensure that everyone has fun.
  2. Interactive cooking. You don’t necessarily want to make your guests cook their own meal, Shabu Shabu style, but there’s no reason you can’t roll the food and the entertainment into one for an evening event that attendees are sure to remember. If you’re hosting a large event you might want to find a venue that has multiple cooking tables, such as a Teppan-style establishment or perhaps a cooking school. Then all you need to do is set a menu with minimal cooking, hire a number of seasoned chefs to walk your guests through the process, and get everyone outfitted with aprons and toques. Your guests will get a fantastic meal and walk away with a new recipe in their pocket thanks to your interactive entertainment. Plus, you can throw in some well-paired wines to ensure that everyone relaxes and has a good time.
  3. Singing and dancing waiters. If the main event is a presentation by the executives, you might not want to overshadow the speakers with flashy entertainers that are going to upstage them. Instead, wait until the food is served and let the wait staff get the party going by singing and dancing as they serve. It’s an understated way to liven up a group without making the speakers feel like they’re playing second fiddle.
  4. Big band or orchestral music. If you’re looking for an evening of traditional entertainment, you might want to skip the modern music and opt instead for the mellow instrumentals provided by a band or orchestra. Just make sure there are enough musicians that the sound carries over the din of your guests.
  5. Sideshow performers. If you’re looking to do something a little off the beaten path for a major corporate event where the entertainment is concerned, consider that you might learn more about a company that specializes in sideshow performers like tumblers, aerialists, fire dancers, magicians, and the like. You could hire one or several to spice up your event and provide some entertainment that few other companies are brave enough to feature.

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