Business schools give you many of the tools you need to find success in the world, but they don’t teach you everything. Of course we’re not talking about things like impressionist painting and linguistic anthropology, but rather the important aspects of business that simply can’t be learned in a classroom. If you’re going to succeed in business, you’ll need to be aware of the 5 most important things your business school isn’t teaching you.

  1. Degrees Don’t Guarantee Success
    Many students graduate business school with the erroneous assumption that their degree is going to guarantee their success in the world of business. Today’s graduate actually feels entitled to a promising career after graduating, and why not? You’ve spent several years and thousands of dollars to get an education for just this reason. You degree, however, does not guarantee success. You’re going to have to work hard if you want to carve out a place in the world for yourself.
  2. The Art of Building a Brand
    Some of the world’s most successful businesses are built on solid brands, and branding is one of the best ways to make a business more successful. A well known brand can actually be worth more than the business it represents. Your business school may be able to teach you the value of branding, but it won’t teach you how to build a brand. Branding is a complex art form, composed of unequal parts intuition, experience, and luck. Unfortunately, there is no universal formula to building a solid brand, and you won’t be able to learn this aspect of business in school.
  3. Developing Social Skills
    Networking is incredibly important in business–anyone with half a brain can tell you that. It’s near impossible to get anywhere in business without meeting the right people and making the right connections, and this is something that business school can’t teach you. The social skills needed to charm an investor or network with associates are among the most useful tools available to you in the world of business, but you’re going to have to learn them outside the classroom.
  4. Finding Your Path to Success
    Finding success in business is no simple matter. There’s no universal path, and even the most tried-and-true guidelines will not work for everyone. In order to find your path to success, you need to search within yourself. Find your strengths and work toward your passion. You chose a business school over a nurse practitioner online program for a reason, so don’t forget it. Figure out what drives you to success, and let it be your guide.
  5. The Value of Your Degree
    What is your degree worth? Some careers in the business world require solid credentials and business degrees, but say you’re planning on starting your own business. How much will your degree be worth then? Not every path requires a degree, and a degree is by no means a golden ticket to success. Remember that business schools are, in a way, businesses themselves. Imagine that the degree is a product they are selling. How much is that product worth to you, and how will it benefit you in the future? Think carefully about these things that business school won’t teach you.

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