There are a ton of expenses involved in bringing new employees into your company. You’ve got all of the time invested in posting ads, hosting interviews, handling background and reference checks and finally setting the new hire up with all of his HR details. But once he has filled out his tax forms and received a desk, you aren’t yet done with the expenses. You’ve got to train this new employee as well. Sometimes that person comes in ready to go, especially if they’ve performed a similar role at another company. But there will always be gaps to fill in. One of the largest gaps could be computer training. Computers are a part of every business these days, and their effective use just makes things work. But is it worth the added expense? Should you offer computer training to your employees?

In short, it will depend on that person’s job. The vast majority of today’s workforce spends their days in front of a computer, but there are still blue collar jobs out there. If your new employee works in shipping, manufacture or in some sort of physical labor they many not need computer training. But chances are you’ll still have to get them up to speed on some sort of computerized process. For instance, the mailroom of a major company is now organized completely on computers. Packages are tracked digitally, and anyone who works in that environment will have to be brought up to speed.

So what if they aren’t new hires, but your current employees? Your organization will benefit in huge ways by investing in additional computer training. First of all, think about how much more effectively you work thanks to computers. These days there are mobile applications and desktop programs to manage practically any business task, and they are always far more efficient than working by hand. No matter what level of the company your employee works within, there is certainly time that could be saved by improving his computer knowledge.

Additional computer training could also lead to innovations in your current work process. Just because you have a particular system in place doesn’t mean there may not be a better way of doing things. When people are struggling just to get their work done they don’t have any energy to put towards improving current strategies. But if you put the time into training your employees, they will be freed up to start thinking out of the box. This could lead to the discovery of an improved process that saves the company millions of dollars.

Also think about the impact computer training has on other departments within your company. For instance, the workload of your IT department would shift. Those computer professionals have received CCNA training and other high level education, and should be focused on technology tasks that either save money for your company or increase revenues. Yet all too often your IT department is kept busy helping other employees figure out computer issues. Things as simple as missing passwords, incorrect answering service setups or lost files can suck up your IT department’s entire day. If your employees are properly trained on computers they will most likely be able to solve these problems for themselves, freeing up IT for the things they should really be working on.

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