ampoule led a visWe have a nice villa on the hills. We spend the holidays with the kids and their friends there and we always have great time. One of the best parts of the villa is not only about the view and environment but on the lighting. We chose the lighting very carefully considering that it can be foggy most of the time around the villa. We want to use the best.

The entire corners of the villa only use ampoule LED. This light is proven to be the best choice even for a villa. The light is bright enough but not too bright so it hurts the eyes. We only need to use few lights for the entire villa because a bulb can handle a spacious room, and our bill is low enough.

We also find it durable. We are not on the villa all the time, but when we arrive, the lights are all well. We also love to look at the villa from the outside especially at night because it looks so adorable. We know that we already chose the right light that shows the beauty of the villa and surrounding not to mention the inviting atmosphere it gives too.

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