Sometimes, we want the house to be really dark so people passing by will not staring at the house. Some other times, most of them in my case, we want it to be bright, happy, and welcoming. This was what happened several years ago. I have a nice house, but at night no one could really see it. I needed new lights especially for my terrace at the front part of the house.

Then, a friend suggested me to use ampouled LED E14. This LED lights are so bright and white, but somehow, it does not hurt when I look at it. It makes perfect illumination. My neighbours also said that my house looks different at night. It looks elegant and inviting to visit. I like it. The best part of the light is that it provides enough brightness and light even with only one bulb.

It has been years, and the lights are still great and reliable. People think I use big power and many lamps. People think that I upgraded the house. People think I spend a lot of money for it. I spent a lot of money to buy LED lights for the entire parts of the house but that’s it. It is the LED that works so well.ampoule led e14 bougie

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