projecteur LED exterieur 50WMy school had planned the fair since a year before. The fair was to show society how the students make the achievement so far. All students took part on the fair. Several of them were involved in the committee, in booths, in art work, music concert, and many others. We also had planned to show our charity action documentation.

I was a part of the team that handled the concert and show. I consulted to the team, and we agreed to use the school LED projector. It was projecteur LED 50W, and we were going to use it at night during the concert and show. I must tell you, it was a great show just because we used the right projector. The graphic is not only clear and bright but it also appears on great quality.

I did not find any difficulty in operating it. We did not need additional power source. In addition to it, this projector is also operated using the latest technology so everything is a lot easier. The school staff mentioned that they never spend a lot of money for the upkeep. I guess LED projector is the best appliance an institution or office should have in case they are holding an event.

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