ampoule led gu10 50wI just finish renovated the house, and I use LED lights now for all rooms and purposes. My wife and I also already thought about this before, and we planned to have the same lights for decoration. We wanted different touch inside the house to make it different. We do not really make a big change on the house but these lights make the difference.

My favourite part is the stairs. We use ampoule led gu10 on the stairs. In fact, those stairs are not so big and great and they are not so attractive. Instead, they are pretty steep. However, the lights make the stairs look great and spacious. The steep is covered with effects of the lights. It does not look steep at all. On the contrary, my stair looks luxurious and nice.

The stair is like a centrepiece, real centrepiece people can stepping on. I love it. My wife loves it. All of the family members love it. My guests always like it too. The other aspect I like is that those lights do not take a lot of expense to power. It absorbs very small electrical power. LED lights really answer the aesthetic and energy saving needs.

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