Conventional projector is already replaced with a new technology. Old technology requires a lot amount of energy and it also costs a lot on maintenance. People start to complain on performance as well. They need better projector for even outdoor events, on rainy days as well. They need better display and presentation. Then, LED projector is invented and it replaces the conventional one.

Conventional projector needs lamps to produce lights and to display the presentation. It requires us to replace the lamp from time to time. Meanwhile, LED projector uses LED as light source, and it sends the energy through crystal cells to produce brighter light. It requires a lot smaller energy for double results than the conventional can bring. For outdoor events, it will be best for us to pick projecteur led exterieur.

Being exterior, this projector will be waterproof so it will work well almost on all situations. Rainy weather will not be a problem for this projector. The light is sufficient for outdoor location and it will display well. Plus, the maintenance cost is extremely affordable than the conventional one even though you need to spend more money to purchase it. LED projector is better than the conventional one.

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