As you climb the corporate ladder, you’ll gain responsibilities along the way. And while you might start out as the low man on the totem pole, so to speak, completing the specialized tasks for which you have the proper education and experience, eventually you will move up into positions where you become responsible for administering tasks to the employees under you. In other words, you’ll likely move into a management position. In most cases, you’ll receive company-mandated training designed to help you become an effective manager. But when it comes to the actual tasks involved in managing people and projects, you’ll find that there are certain things you’ll need to successfully see projects through to completion.

A successful project requires a budget, a timeline, and resources, all of which you will be responsible for managing if you want to realize success, meet expectations, and deliver on time. So one of the most important aspects of project management is organization. You can start by using known factors to fill in the unknowns. For example, you know what your budget is up front, so you need to break it down in order to allocate funds for needed aspects of the job. You also have a deadline that you can work backward from in order to set milestones and individual tasks. And you have resources, like a team that you can assign work to. With just a few key pieces of information you should be able to fill in the steps that will take you from point A (concept) to point B (completion).

Of course, having the right tools at your disposal helps. And the right project management software can make a world of difference when it comes to ease of organization. A program like Knowify, for example, has features that let you input information related to your timeline and tasks, your budget and billing, and every aspect of managing your project from start to finish. You can track all of the facets of your project on paper or with a basic program like Excel if you prefer, but why would you when there are so many excellent software solutions designed to make your life easier? Technology can be a major boon when it comes to managing your business projects.

You can’t forget that you’re dealing with people, though. So you need to make sure you create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for your team and that you hone your communication skills. It’s important that you convey your wishes in a clear and concise manner so that the members of your team know what is expected of them. But you also need to listen. You’ll have to take information from clients, bosses, vendors, and employees and use it to coordinate your efforts or adjust plans to account for new input.

As a project manager, you are tasked with keeping a lot of balls in the air and seeing projects through to completion. With the right pieces in place and proper organization and planning, there’s no reason you can’t successfully manage any project you’re handed.

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