If you own a business, you know just how much you can spend on office supply expenses – and just how quickly they seem to add up. If you have a number of employees working under you, it’s not unlikely that they feel entitled to all of these supplies, and grossly underestimate just how much it all costs. If you are looking for ways to cut down these expenses, here are five ways to save money on office supplies for your business.

  1. Recycle your ink cartridges. Did you know that you can save a lot on ink and toner by recycling your cartridges? It’s true. In fact, part of the reason why these cartridges are so expensive is because they’re difficult to manufacture, terrible for the environment, and rarely disposed of properly. However, a lot of ink companies will give you a huge discount if you mail them back and have them refilled.
  2. Print at half tone when possible. You can save a lot of money on toner by printing at half tone with documents that do not have to look professional. Toner is responsible for the richness of the text and images that you print, but if you are only printing documents for your own personal records, you can easily print at half tone for a document that is not nearly as rich, but still perfectly legible.
  3. Always print and copy double-sided. If you want to cut your paper costs in half, and help to save the environment, you can set all of your computers and your copier to print double-sided by default. It’s really not that difficult. Just have one of your interns, or younger employees set all of the defaults, and then you won’t ever have to think about it again. It’s really that easy to cut down on your paper costs by 50%.
  4. Store your dry erase markers upside down. If you want your dry erase markers to last a lot longer, be sure to store them upside down. This way, all of the ink is always flowing toward the tip, and the tip won’t dry out nearly as fast. You can easily keep all of your markers lasting up to four times longer this way, and all you have to do is attach a cup or some other kind of holder to your dry erase board, and always remember to place the markers in upside down.
  5. Invest in glass whiteboards. Glass whiteboards are a lot more expensive than normal whiteboards, but it’s because they last forever – quite literally. A glass whiteboard will last a lifetime, and you will never have to worry about disgusting ink dust building up, or ghosting from things written and drawn in the past. They erase clean, they look beautiful, and they’re even magnetic – so they can double as a magnetic pin board. You can get yours at GlassWhiteboard.com, and invest in what will be the very last whiteboard that you ever have to buy.

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