Having a diverse workforce is an extremely important part of running a 21st century business. A diverse workforce is more productive, more accommodating to customers, and it’s always great for branding. Not only that, but it’s the best way to truly serve your community. If you have no idea how to diversify, here are five different ways to encourage diversity in the workplace.

  1. Create incentives for promotions. If you want to encourage workplace diversity, it’s important to show your employees how they can reach the next step. Most people won’t be motivated to perform any better than they already are if they don’t see how it will benefit them. According to DiversityInc best practices, if you want to have hardworking, loyal employees, you will want to send the message that you would rather replace the employees who leave with someone in-house, than with someone off the street. If they learn all the new required skills during their downtime, you won’t have to waste the time and money training new employees.
  2. Change up the scheduling. If you want to keep your workforce diverse, you will want to make sure that everyone isn’t always working with the same people. You want your staff to learn from one another and gain perspective by working with different colleagues and different customers. This way, your employees feel like a big team, rather than an assemblage of small teams.
  3. Celebrate cultural holidays in the workplace. If you really want your place of work to be inclusive to all religions and ethnicities, it may be a good idea to acknowledge the different holidays that your employees celebrate. You can give them the opportunity to share cultural cuisine and traditions and show them that you value their contributions to the company. If there isn’t enough time to do this during work hours, you can encourage the team to go out together after work and celebrate. Of course, having the leadership there is essential to the bonding experience.
  4. Advertise employment opportunities on multiple platforms. If you want to reach out to a wider array of potential employees, then you are going to have to advertise for your hiring on a number of different platforms. If your business has a presence on multiple social media platforms, then you are going to want to use all of those in addition to putting signs up in your place of business. You should also use several job hosting websites, just so you can get to everyone.
  5. Train employees for multiple positions. You never know when someone is going to call in sick, pull a “no call, no show,” or simply quit without notice. That’s why it’s important to be sure that several people on staff know how to do more than just the position they were hired for. If they show interest in taking on more than one position, be sure to give them the opportunity to work a couple shifts and get some onsite training. You never know when it will pay off, but it almost always does.

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