Just because you have graduated to a management or executive position doesn’t necessarily mean you have the requisite skills to be a leader. While you have clearly proven your ability to succeed in whatever profession you’ve chosen, becoming an effective leader is not something that can be granted along with a job title. It requires you to develop a particular set of skills that includes not only getting your own work done, but also motivating others to do their jobs. Taking management training courses is a good way to get an idea of how to appropriately interact with employees, and many companies offer such training when staff members are elevated to management positions. But there is more to being an effective business leader.

So what can you do to become the best possible leader? How can you be effective in your position, reach company goals, and create successes that benefit everyone? How can you keep your employees happy and productive? The first and most important skill you need to develop is communication, and it goes two ways. You have to effectively communicate goals, tasks, and expectations to employees. And you also have to be clear and concise when communicating with higher ups, business partners, clients, vendors, and more. But listening is just as important.

Employees may come to you with questions and concerns. You have the opportunity to correct issues and create a work environment in which employees feel comfortable airing grievances and seeking resolutions. This is good for morale and productivity. And workers in the trenches, so to speak, have insights into areas you may know little about. For example, they can keep you informed about wasteful practices or needed upgrades. This knowledge can help you to increase both productivity and profits. By simply giving employees a voice and letting them know their input matters, you can create a harmonious and industrious atmosphere.

You also need to be committed to your job and your employees. If they see you coming in late and leaving early while they toil, you can bet they’re going to start to resent the unfairness of the situation, especially since you probably earn a much higher salary. But if they see you working long hours with them, they’re a lot more likely to treat you with respect and give you their best effort. People want to follow someone who leads by example, so don’t rest on your laurels once you’ve climbed the corporate ladder.

Of course, you won’t get far without the ability to plan and organize. To some extent you can delegate such tasks, but as a leader you need to keep an eye on all the moving pieces so that you can effectively orchestrate them in order to reach business goals. As a manager, your resources may include money, materials, and people, but it is only the last group that you have to lead. So take a lesson from leadership developers Naisa Global and create a solid plan for future success. Put time and effort into employees, work hard with them, and plan wisely to reach professional goals. All of these steps will help you to become the effective leader you should be.

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