If your business does a lot of shipping, it can be important to learn how to properly package a product. If you don’t properly package your products, a number of things can happen. For one thing, improper product packaging can result in damaged products. If you ship a lot of delicate items, you definitely want to find a way to better protect your packages. Moreover, you want to find a better way to ship your items for the sake of cost. If you don’t have the right sized parcel or box, you could simply be paying for the delivery of dead air. Indeed, if you have a specialized product, you don’t want to use standard shipping materials. In the long run, revolutionizing your product packaging will be a huge boon to your business. Here is how to package a product for your business.

  1. Make sure that you use the right boxes – when it comes down to it, the material is everything. For instance, if you are shipping perishables, you don’t want the ice or dry ice to melt and weaken the cardboard. This is why you want to go for a company like Houston Carton that can provide boxes that are made out of sturdier and reinforced materials.
  2. Make sure that you use the right sized box – if you don’t have the right sized box, your package will rattle around and it will increase the chances of damage. Moreover, if you ship in the wrong sized box, you may be shipping dead air. This is why you want your boxes to hug your product. If the contours aren’t protected, all that moving around will result in damages. If you are shipping delicate items, it is especially important to have the right sized boxes.
  3. Make sure that you use protection inside the boxes – if you are shipping valuables, you want to use packing peanuts or foam. If you are shipping products with a lot of parts, you want to wrap each part in some kind of foam material and then use tape to make sure all the pieces are kept together. This will ensure that all the parts stay in one place and it will ensure that they arrive safely.
  4. Make sure that you place your brand’s name on the packaging – product packaging is a great platform to brand your business. If you think about some of the biggest brands out there, you can almost instantly think of their logo. Moreover, seeing this logo in the door of your home will help customers identify the product. This is why you want to have your logo and other intellectual property printed on the box.
  5. Make sure there is a tab or a pull handle that makes opening the box much easier – many people tend to throw a knife or a pair of scissors into the box and damage the product. This could result in increased returns and lost revenue. In the end, a simple pull handle will help prevent these unpleasant situations.

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