There are plenty of reasons why you might be interested in starting your own laundromat or laundry service. Like most adults, you’re probably keen to become your own boss, and that often begins with finding something you’re good at and turning it into an income-producing trade. You might also want a business that runs itself, to an extent, and one that won’t require an overabundance of time and effort on your part. And of course, everyone needs to do laundry, so there is an inherent market if you place your service in the right area. But like any professional enterprise, there are several steps you’ll have to take and things you’ll need to consider if you want your undertaking to be a success. So here are a few tips for starting your own laundry business.

The first thing to think about is what kind of laundry business you want to own and operate. Are you more interested in a coin laundry, for example, or would you rather run a fluff and fold type operation? Perhaps you want to offer pick-up and drop-off services or you prefer to specialize in diaper cleaning. All are valuable services. But before you decide which is right for you, you’re going to have to do some research.

A big part of putting together your business plan well be determining whether or not there is a viable market for whatever type of operation you intend to open. If you want to start a coin laundry you need to look for an area that has a lot of apartment buildings that have no laundry services on-site, just for example. From there you need to think about the services that busy, modern adults are seeking, not to mention industry advances. Instead of coin operated machines you could upgrade to convenient swipe cards that customers can pre-load. After all, who carries cash and coins these days?

You could also offer round-the-clock drop off for on-site services like fluff and fold or even dry cleaning. Many adults are so busy that they’d rather not spend their time sitting in a laundromat waiting for clothing to run through the wash cycle. That said, for those who prefer to save money by washing their own laundry, you could provide television, a snack bar, and a lounge environment. Turning your laundromat into a multi-use space not only increases the appeal for customers but also helps you to maximize profits.

Of course, you may still want to start out by hiring a qualified agent and seeking laundromats for sale. Revamping an existing business could end up being easier and more immediately profitable than starting from scratch, especially if there is a built-in customer base. But if you see a need that is not being met in an area, or you think you can do a better job of providing what modern consumers want when it comes to laundry service, there’s no reason not to start your own laundry business.

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