As a business owner, your payroll process is essential. Without a properly streamlined payroll process, your company won’t be able to function properly. Not only will your employees be upset about not getting paid on time – your business may also have issues with taxes and other issues having to do with a disorganized payroll system. Moreover, you want your payroll system to be automatic. As a business owner, you don’t necessarily want to be preoccupied with wondering whether or not your payroll system is working. In reality, it should just work. If it isn’t working, you need to do something about it. Here is how to streamline your payroll process.

  1. Know when all the tax deadlines are. Fiscal tax requirements are usually set up quarterly for businesses. When it comes to your payroll system, these tax schedules are important to know. If you are late on filing, your business could suffer from an audit. Plus, not filing on time could also hurt your employees.
  2. Hire an accountant. An accountant will be an essential part of the payroll process. Without an accountant, your entire system may go off the rails. Basically, an accountant will be tasked with keeping records, making sure that taxes are paid on time and that your payroll account is updated. When it comes down to it, there are many payroll accounting companies – like Patrick Payroll LLC. – that focus exclusively on accounting for business payroll systems. Hiring one of these companies may be exactly what your business needs for streamlining the payroll process.
  3. Make sure that employees fill out the right forms. When your employees first start working for your company, you want them to fill out the right tax forms. Ideally, you want full time employees to fill out the tax form best suited for deducting taxes from employees that work more than a certain number of hours per week. The same goes for part time employees and contract workers. If you don’t complete this simple step, it will only hurt you later – when you may have to pay more in taxes. When it comes down to it, getting these forms signed and filled out is actually really easy.
  4. Switch to an automatized system for payroll. There is a good chance that your bank or financial institution has an automatic payroll service. This service can make it a lot easier to send out paychecks. These days, everything is digital. Many employees are depositing checks directly into their bank accounts from their phones. If you don’t have one of the systems set up, you may want to talk to your bank.
  5. Deduct the right amount of taxes. It is also critical to deduct the right amount of taxes. If you don’t deduct the right amount of taxes, your business could be fined or given penalties. If you are a small business, these fines could force your business to close up shop. In the end, this is another reason why hiring an accounting firm is so important.

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