When you happen to own the kind of business where you have a lot of product that needs to be shipped out on a consistent basis, it’s essential that you do all that you can to keep up with all of your inventory. For one thing, it prevents you from ordering more than you need or losing some of the items that you already have. Not only that, but properly organizing and storing inventory can also help your shipping process go by a lot quicker and you can get more items out on a daily basis.

So if you’d like a few helpful suggestions on things that you can do to keep track of your business inventory, this article has five tips that will show you how to keep everything in its proper place.

Label all items. When dealing with your inventory, the first thing that you should do is label all of your items. This is the most effective way for you to be able to track and store all that you have. You can label your inventory by simply writing on the boxes with a Sharpie or by actually printing out labels (which is recommended). One website that has an article on how to properly label inventory is Clearly Inventory. Just go to the site and put “how to label inventory locations” in the search field.

Put similar products in the same space. One of the reasons why a lot of people tend to spend more time looking for certain things than they actually should is because similar products are not grouped together. Say for instance that you happen to sell outwear. By putting all winter coats in one space and all boots in another, that makes each item a lot easier to find.

Make sure that top sellers are close together. Here’s a tip that’s great when it comes to shipping. If you sell electronic equipment and your laptops are some of your best sellers, they also need to be kept in the same area. That way, all of your workers will automatically know where to go to get them, which can significantly reduce your shipping time.

Stack items vertically. If you worked for a lift truck company like Heubel Material Handling, Inc. and you were wondering about something that you could do to make your business storage items appear neater, it’s always best to stack them vertically rather than horizontally. Another benefit with stacking things vertically is that it provides you with more storage room as well.

Add pictures to all boxes. There’s one more organization tip for your inventory to keep in mind: Add digital pictures to all of your boxes. Although labeling them does provide you with a general idea of what’s inside, say for instance that you sell yoga mats. By taking a picture of each one, you can easily look on the box to see what size, color, and style is in the box before every opening it. That reduces searching and shipping times. For more information on how to organize your warehouse, visit Shelf Plus and put “more efficient warehouse operation” in the search field.

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