By now, you are probably familiar with SEO – you may even be familiar with some of the most common SEO tactics. However, many people don’t really understand what “social SEO” means. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is one of the most important and effective ways to get your site to rank higher and higher in the search engines. Social SEO requires using some of the main social media websites to boost your current campaign. Of course, SEO is a slow process that requires patience and timing, but it is well worth the investment of time, energy and money. Here are five easy and effective social SEO tips for small business owners.

  1. Make sure you fill out basic meta-information. One of the most fundamental parts of a successful SEO strategy is meta-information. This is basic information about your business – like the about page or the bio. On social media, you want to make sure you fill out this section with the applicable keywords, so anyone searching a particular query will be able to find your social media site.
  2. Make sure to post content from your blog to your social media pages. It is also important to post information from your blog to your social media page – the search engines will look for hot, relevant links. Plus, people can share the link once they are on social media, which can further boost the success of your SEO campaign. Moreover, the links will help boost the SEO on your blog, which can drive more traffic to your website, so all around it is an incredibly effective method to boost your presence on the web.
  3. Make sure that you have lots of links. Linkage is important – you want to have lots of links; not only to your own blog, but also to other blog articles, social media pages and other information. The more links you have your social media page, the more relevant the search bots will deem your page, which can drive traffic and boost your placement in the rankings. This is why manning your social media pages should be daily effort.
  4. Make sure you have your business listed. It is also important to list your website with the search engines. This will give the websites a little nudge to start crawling your site. Plus, if you list your site locally, you will boost the chances that your website will come up first when someone does a local search. If you are a burger shop in Hollywood, Florida – you would hope that someone searching burgers in your area would stumble upon your listing first.
  5. Make sure to post content daily. Posting daily content is important, because it maintains relevancy. If your social media page is a useful source of information for people, the search engine bots will boost your ranking. This requires adding new information everyday – sometimes multiple times a day. If your small business doesn’t have what it takes, you may want to hire a full time social media maven.

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