Getting your own fitness franchise up and running can take a lot of work. From equipment to trainers to staff, there are a number of important factors to consider as you start your business. But one of the most important aspects is marketing your business effectively to help build, grow and maintain a loyal membership. Below are five top tips to help you market your fitness franchise.

Having the right location is one of the most important things a business can do to help its marketing. By simply occupying space in a good location, you can steadily attract new members. If you’re located on a street with heavy foot traffic, the constant exposure of your storefront can help raise awareness. And if you use your windows to post deals, offer classes or simply show off new equipment, you can pique the interest of the even most casual of passerby. If your franchise is mobile, make sure your vehicle is branded and visible so it can act as a mobile advertisement.

Get Online:
Another great way to help market your business is to get online. With an optimized website and a strong social media presence, people can find all of the information they’re looking for right from home. You can even offer free trials or special deals through your website or email newsletter to encourage online users to come down and visit your physical location or hire your in-home training services.

Specials Offers:
Another great way to market your business and get new people through the front door is to offer special deals. Maybe you can offer a discounted rate for new members or find pricing alternatives for monthly members versus annual subscribers. All of these tools can help you market your business to people with different financials, thus broadening your appeal.

A great way to get people in the door of your fitness franchise is to offer fitness classes. Whether its spin, yoga or weigh-training, offering classes led by professional trainers can help galvanize otherwise unmotivated members to come in and visit your location. Moreover, many class takers will continue to take courses and renew their membership after they’ve had a positive experience with your franchise. If a member is happy with your classes, they will be happy with your business.

A good way to help grow your membership base is to rely on your current, loyal members. Consider offering a referral program that rewards members who bring in new members. If a current member convinces a new person to sign up, maybe you can offer a discount on their next bill or offer them a free class. This can help incentivize your members to bring in new people while also building a loyal membership.

All of these marketing tools can have a profound and positive impact on active users of your fitness franchise. And as your business grows more successful, you may be to reinvest your profits in better equipment and more trainers, thus increasing the value of your gym for your members. If you pursue GYMGUYZ Franchise Opportunities, you can use all of these marketing strategies to help boost your business.

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