In an economy driven increasingly by proprietary information and data, providing security for your company and patrons has become increasingly common. From banks to liquor stores to research laboratories, security can be a needed asset for nearly any business. But when you decide to hire security guards or contract a security company, there are a number of factors to consider before you make a final decision. Below are five of the biggest considerations you should bear in mind when hiring a security team for your business.

Level of Security:
The fact that you want to hire a security team indicates that your business’s property, data or patrons may be at some risk. But determining that level of risk and the amount of security you require is up to you. While a security company may offer their own professional opinions, the ultimate decision rests on you. You should be sure to consider factors like how many exits need security personnel, how tightly do you want to control foot traffic and how well-armed should the guards be. Some security companies can provide guards trained in responsible firearm use, but this can cost more and potentially escalate any future confrontations. Consider these things closely as you begin researching security companies.

In addition to establishing how tight you want your security to be, it is also important to decide the scale of that security. How many guards do you want on the premises at one time and what sort of support will they have in the event of a situation? This also may be the time to consider other security precautions such as security cameras or card-entry doors. Scaling up your security needs can quickly add up, so be sure to balance your needs with your budget.

Many established security companies will have worked for a number of businesses in the past, but every business and industry has specific security needs. The protocol for protecting a research lab is different than providing security for a sports stadium which is different from protecting a grocery store. Take a look at what other businesses a security firm has protected in the past to see if they have the expertise and experience to protect your business.

Similarly, you want to ensure that the security company you hire has a good reputation. Acquire references, if possible, and see what other businesses in your area this company protects. Do they have a history of hiring untrained guards or a clean record? You may also want to ask company representatives what sort of training their guards receive so you can feel more confident in the personnel you may be hiring to protect your business.

Background Checks:
One of the most important factors when hiring guards or contracting firms is performing background checks. When hiring guards, you should always perform a background check. This process will give you a detailed history of the candidate and will flag any potential concerns. Many companies will take this for you, but be sure to be specific in your questions to make sure their standards are as high as yours.

Remember that staying local is a great way to find a company that is familiar with local laws. A Dallas security company will be best experienced in working with Dallas-based companies, so if possible try to stay local. Finding the right security guards for your business is an important step in securing your business.

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