When it comes down to it, the warehouse of your business is perhaps the most crucial part of your entire enterprise. It is where your product is stored, categorized and eventually boxed and shipped out to your customers. If you have a large business – with hundreds of daily deliveries across the nation or world – your warehouse is even more fundamental. However, if your warehouse facility is not optimized for efficiency, it can be more of a drag than a boon. Efficiency is important for the sake of making sure your product is processed quickly and shipped expediently. Efficiency is also important for the sake of making sure your warehouse workers can do their job appropriately. Here are five warehouse efficiency improvement tips for your business.

  1. Automate your merchandising process. Automation is the key to efficiency in a number of industries. In your business’ warehouse, automation can make the entire merchandising process a lot more streamlined. Not only will it make processing and shipping quicker, it will also optimize all of your warehouse’s processes.
  2. Keep high selling products towards the front of your warehouse. It is also important to organize your warehouse according to how fast or slow items are flying off the shelves. For instance, the fastest moving items should go in the front and the lowest moving items should go in the back. This will ensure that the fastest selling items are easier to reach – if they are kept all the way in the back, they will be hard to get to and the entire process will be a lot slower.
  3. Use forklifts. Picking up large items can cause unnecessary strain on your warehouse workers’ backs. Not only that, but if you have some items that require more than one person to carry, it could put a serious strain on your warehouse’s workload. Having a forklift can allow one worker to carry merchandise that would require up to ten warehouse workers. Not only can a forklift increase efficiency – it can also reduce accidents.
  4. Keep heavier items on pallets and shelves. Ideally, you don’t want your workers to be picking up heavy items from the floor. This is why you want to keep items at waist or chest height. You can visit Cantilever-Racks.com to purchase a rack system for your warehouse. If workers pick heavier items off the floor, it could create a risk for hernias and back strain.
  5. Implement protocols. Implementing protocols is important, because it can allow your warehouse to follow a basic guideline when conducting certain operations. For instance, there should be a basic protocol for storing tools at the end of a long day. There should also be guidelines for organization, cleaning and getting rid of clutter. Moreover, you should have guidelines to prevent certain issues from happening in the first place. When it comes down to it, preventing issues that could get in the way of efficiency is critical – having protocols can put up the proper roadblocks, so that you can deal with problems when they arise.

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